Commemoration Awards – 2017

Vestry Resolution, November 20, 2017:

Resolved, that on this St. John’s Sunday, December 17th, 2017, the Vestry of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Lancaster, PA, on behalf of the members of the congregation, offers their most heartfelt thanksgiving to God and expression of deep appreciation to these saints among us:

The Cuthbert – Brown family, Doug, Angela, Chloe and Sophia, for Doug’s service to St. John’s as an usher, for his leadership on the Property Committee, for his chairmanship of the Construction Committee, and most especially for the family’s team efforts tending the Jubilee Ministries vegetable garden, serving at the community breakfast, and respectfully removing, by hand, and securely storing over six thousand, five hundred pounds of sacred soil from the St. John’s Memorial Garden.


Joseph and April Way, for Joe’s sharing of his communications technology expertise, for April’s making of thousands of chocolate covered Easter Eggs, for their shared leadership of the Journey to Adulthood youth ministry program, and most especially for their organization and chaperoning of the J2A pilgrimage to Peru.