Commemoration Awards – 2020

The following Resolution was passed by Vestry vote online in December 2020, regarding the 2020 St. John’s Award: 

Whereas Amanda Knouse, our Rector, has shown extraordinary leadership during this extraordinary year;

Whereas, in response to changing COVID-19 circumstances, she has given our health and safety the highest priority, while also supporting our spiritual needs, adapting both liturgy and logistics of our worship;

Whereas she has greatly expanded our use of technology – and encouraged its use by others – to strengthen connections within our parish community;

Whereas she has spent countless hours on the phone, reaching out to parishioners, especially those who are isolated;

Whereas she has led us in adapting our partnership with Fulton Elementary School to assist local students onsite through The Village program;

Whereas she has provided leadership in our church and in the Lancaster community in responding to racial unrest demonstrations by providing both support and a calming influence; and

Whereas she has led us in enhancing our ministries in our neighborhood by expanding our Food Pantry and Community Breakfast ministries and by installing our community Christmas tree; therefore

The Vestry of St. John’s Episcopal Church resolves to express the appreciation of the parish to Amanda by presenting her with the 2020 St. John’s Award.

Resolved this 23rd day of December 2020.