Honoring Our Past … Welcoming Our Future

St. John’s Building Program

Our Vision:
To honor our past and welcome our future, St. John’s Church family seeks to provide a more inviting and accessible center for worship, fellowship and ministry that will offer a greater opportunity to expand our mission and enrich the lives of our members and community.

Imagine a St. John’s that…

  • makes it easy for people with physical limitations to enter our doors and joyfully worship with us:
  • has a warm internal gathering space adjacent to the church that beckons newcomers and embraces loyal members:
    Gathering Space
  • has a safe and inviting outdoor courtyard where current generations gather for fellowship and past generations are honored and remembered:
    Courtyard and Columbarium 
  • provides a serene space for contemplation and spiritual healing:

Construction Update (January 2018)

The Atrium construction is moving steadily forward, with an expected completion date near the end of January. The concrete Chestnut St. ramp has been poured now that the stormwater issues have been resolved. The rain garden in front of the Becker House has been dug. Brickwork on the elevator shaft has begun. The Atrium is now usable as a corridor between the Nave and the Parish Hall.

Click here to follow the building’s progress.

Updated giving totals (as of 1/17/18):

Amount received:
  • Received toward pledges of $781,553
    (114 pledges)
$ 657,759
  • One-time gifts + add’l amounts above pledges
$ 56,273
  • Bequests
$ 155,000
Total received
(towards anticipated total of $992,826)
$ 869,032

Thanks to everyone for your generous support of our goal of “making the doors a little wider and the invitation a little warmer”!

The capital campaign fulfillment period runs through the end of 2018. However, if you are able to join the 49 families who have already completed their pledges, that will reduce the amount that we need to borrow from the bank during construction. (And that, of course, will reduce the interest we have to pay.)

Other Updates

Updates on building plans:

St. John’s parishioners were given an update on the church’s building project during two meetings earlier this year:

  • annual parish meeting, Sunday, March 19, 2017. (Click here for minutes.)
  • mini-meeting held on Sunday, February 19, 2017. (Click here for a summary.)

Our parish mini-meeting on September 18, 2016, included reports from the Executive Committee (about conversations with the Diocesan Standing Committee) as well as from the Loan Team and the Construction Committee. Click here to read a full transcript of that meeting.

June’s First Friday (2016): “St. John’s Revealed”

As the anticipation builds, plans for these improvements will be disclosed during the “St. John’s Revealed” happenings during “First Friday” – slated for June 3rd from 6:00-8:00 p.m. – in what promises to be a fun, friendly evening of fellowship. There will be something for people of all ages!

A handful of stations will be arranged inside the Parish Hall, featuring drawings with interpreters to help explain the various aspects of the project. With the hope that many of St. John’s neighbors will be in attendance, one of those stations will also detail our Jubilee ministries which impact the community.

Updated giving totals (as of 1/8/16):

  • Capital Campaign (over 3 years):
    • Pledges and gifts received from 120 families, for a total of $906,313
      (This includes parts of two bequests, from the Craige and Eckenrode families, totaling $150,000, because of both families’ past expressions of support for making our parish accessible to all.  It also includes one-time gifts, essentially “instantly-paid” pledges.)
    • First Fruit gifts received from 65 families: $305,305
      (This figure also includes the two bequests.)

Thanks to you who have already submitted pledges and gifts!

Our initial goal of $750,000 was based on the projection by our consultant, Scott McKenzie, GivingChart-thumnail-1-8-16 after completing our Feasibility Study last spring. The detailed campaign brochure included a suggested scenario – a combination of gifts of different sizes – that would enable us to meet the Campaign Phase I goal. The chart at the right (click on the image to see a legible copy) is an update of our progress relative to this scenario.

The generosity of St. John’s members and friends has exceeded the expectations for Phase I of this campaign; however, the total cost of the project is expected to be in the range of $1.2 to $1.5 million. Additional commitments now and in the future are welcome and appreciated, as they will allow us to reach our goals of accessibility and facility improvements sooner and reduce the amount of construction loans.

There’s still time to pledge!  Commitment Sunday was November 15, 2015, but we continue to welcome and receive both pledges and gifts for each fund.  Please get your pledges to us as quickly as you can, so our Vestry can plan effectively for 2016, and we can proceed with planning for our building initiative.  (You can find links below to pledge cards for both campaigns.)

First Fruit Offering, Sunday, December 13, 2015

We were all invited to participate in our Capital Campaign First Fruit Offering, after having received information and a special envelope from our Connection Team Chairs explaining “first fruits” and encouraging us to offer the first payment toward the fulfillment of our Capital Campaign Pledge or to make a special gift towards the campaign. We have followed the example of the Israelites, who brought the first fruit of harvest to the Temple as an expression of gratitude to God. Thank you to all who are supporting Honoring Our Past… Welcoming Our Future with their prayers and generous gifts.

CC-celebration_400Celebration! Sunday, November 8, 2015

We celebrated our vision and the associated campaign with a video (prepared by our youth),  a sumptuous breakfast buffet between worship services (attended by around 130 people), and an announcement of the total of the advance commitments made by several parishioners (see photo at right).

These resources provide more information about our building initiative:

All of us have a part to play as we pray,

“Lord, what do you want to do through me?”

We hope that these resources will help you determine and communicate your role in supporting our mission and ministries and our building initiative:

Chestnut-campus-croppedSt. John’s Capital Campaign Leadership Team:

  • Campaign Chairs: Phil Becker, Rosemary Coverly, Kent Strickler
  • Honorary Chair: Gray Sellers
  • Campaign Coordinators: Debbie Carter, Mary Waskowicz
  • Advance Commitment Team: Ted & Pam Loose, Scott & Sherry Qualls;
    Host families: Priscilla & Dan Farmer, Janice & Kevin Henry, Sherry & Scott Qualls
  • Celebration Committee: Bill Cater
  • Communications Team: Bruce Morgan
  • Connections Team: Tom & Kendall Stonerook
  • Generational Team: Dave & Sue Martin
  • Gratitude Team: Sue Heilman, Cynthia Minnich
  • Prayer Team: Rob Ashton, Fred & Eleanor Honaman, Lois Kelley
  • Youth Committee: Mary Ellen Kilp