Acting in Service

Stewardship is an intentional way of living and caring for all of God’s gifts. Our engagement with each other in worship and fellowship supports us in cheerful and generous giving.

  • Stewardship Committee Chair: Pam Loose
  • Vestry Stewards: Nicole Pham & Debbie Carter

Fall 2019: “Members of One Body”  Visit our Pledge page, which includes links to fall’s pledge information and pledge card for 2020.

“Grant us grace to honor you with our substance, and be faithful stewards of your bounty.” Book of Common Prayer, pg. 827

Ministry Opportunities Survey: If you didn’t get a chance to fill out a survey at our parish mini-meeting in March, click here to do so online. Explore ways that you might feel called to share your God-given gifts!

Our Annual Yard Give, Saturday, May 25, was a great success! Parishioners and friends brought us their no-longer-needed items, visitors provided new homes for many of these treasures (and gave us over $350 in donations), and the remaining items were taken to local charities (Lancaster County Council of Churches, Lancaster County Public Library, Community Aid, Re-Uzit Shop, and Lancaster Creative Reuse) so they were kept out of our landfills — an environmental stewardship bonus!  (Start now to set aside donations for next year’s yard give; we’ll begin accepting donations on Earth Day in April.)


Send one-time gifts or schedule recurring giving using our safe and secure online portal.