Growing in God

Participating in worship together is the foundation of our relationship with God and with each other in Christian community. With prayer, song and sacraments, we give thanks for the blessings we receive.St. John's Worship Ministry

  • Vestry Steward: Molly Moyer
  • Acolytes: Tom Bond and Kathy Kyper
  • Altar Guild: Toni Ehrhart and Cynthia Minnich
  • Choir: Paul Reese
  • Eucharistic Ministers: (TBD)
  • Flower Memorials: Shelby Kilhefner
  • Lectors: Paula Wolf
  • Steeple Bell Ringers: Lorraine Nolan
  • Ushers: John Gouveia

“Anglicanism has always insisted that the life of the church and her sacraments must be thought of as necessary ‘means of grace.’ The fact is, a person cannot really be a Christian apart from involvement in the community of believers.” – John M. Krumm, Why Choose the Episcopal Church?


Worship Calendar