Patti Means, Parish Secretary

Patti Means

Patti Means is life-long member of St. John’s and became our Parish Secretary after holding the position of Secretary to the Treasurer at High Industries, Inc. for 20 years. Patti said that on her last day, she specifically remembers a co-worker asking her, “Won’t you be bored working at a church?” Patti laughs and says that in those 20 years in the corporate world, she was NEVER as busy as she is now at St. John’s. “It’s a good busy, always challenging, and I wouldn’t trade my co-workers for the world!”

Patti and her husband, Al, have a small farm in Strasburg, Pa., and share a passion for training Bloodhounds to help police and fire agencies locate missing people. Their volunteer ministry began in 1988 and the following year they founded the Red Rose K-9 S.A.R. Team. They are actively involved in educating children about basic survival skills as they prepare to go hiking or camping. They also board dogs by donation and offer swim time for canines. Patti is now training a Golden Retriever named “Roy Boy” for therapy work through the Red Cross. This is a long-time dream that she’s very excited about achieving.

“Being able to share the peace I feel for my canine companions is what I’d like to give to others.”