The Rev. Matt Mac Dougall, Associate Rector

Matt was born in Lancaster and grew up at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church just north of the city. He was active in both parish and diocesan youth activities before joining the leadership side of both after graduating high school. After more than six years of leading parish and diocesan youth programs, Matt discerned a call to ordained ministry and began attending Virginia Theological Seminary in 2006.

His first cure after graduating in 2009 was in the small town of Youngsville in the Diocese of Northwestern PA, where he served as rector of St. Francis of Assisi Parish for four years. While Matt loved serving the people of St. Francis and the community of Youngsville, it became clear that God had called him to do ministry in ways other than being a rector.  After a period of discernment, he decided to pursue my passion for teaching and earned a Master of Science degree in Secondary Education Pedagogy and Practice. When it comes to participating in Christ’s mission in the world, formation and community-based ministry are two of Matt’s greatest passions, so he is very excited about the opportunity to minister to and with the people of St. John’s and Lancaster City!