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April Messenger

Greetings St. John’s & Friends! This month’s newsletter have arrived! Check out what’s happening around St. John’s here:


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    Katherine Swisher says:

    I was wondering if St. John’s is still recycling Styrofoam? The last time I dropped off a large bag I didn’t see the usual can or sign. I thought I ought to check it out. I don’t want to assume you are still recycling it. If you are not, could you please tell me where it was being taken so I might take it there myself? Thank you so much.

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      Sue Heilman says:

      Katharine, we did stop recycling it in March. It can be dropped off at DART Container’s recycling shed on Pitney Rd, right across from the rear entrance to HACC, not far from the light at Weis in Bridgeport . It’s there to use 24/7.

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