CLIMATE – It takes positive energy to do the work

Lancaster Chapter of CITIZENS’ CLIMATE Lobby monthly meeting
Every 2nd Saturday at St. John’s

From Faith D’Urbano+

Many of us are hit hard with grief in the face of accelerating devastation of this fragile earth, our island home. It is only by holding onto faith, onto hope and love that we can fully face our present, and open ourselves to God’s invitation and urging to co-create what comes next, with deep love and compassion for all life.

I have chosen to work along side other Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers to help build the tenacity of will and action required to protect and sustain our environment. I recommend your consideration of CCL’s integrity, its commitment to responsible action on climate solutions, and its positive energy.  This Saturday, the meeting will underscore that positive energy with music!

What: CLIMATE 2020 – It takes positive energy to do the work
When: THIS SATURDAY,  January 11, 2020, 12noon – 2pm
Where: Auditorium, St. John’s Episcopal Church,  321 W. Chestnut St.,  Lancaster

Special Musical Guests:

  • Jerry Lee Miller – harmonica, Native American flute
  • Lisa Fairman (of “Earth Rhythms”) – percussion & hand drums

“Music that’s directed toward a desired group-outcome boosts the energy needed to do the work… builds relationships and community bonds… enhances mental / emotional health. This is especially important (for) people in the climate movement who are vulnerable to discouragement… We know we need each other to stay positive. Singing together and having fun together reinforces this vital realization… (and) also stimulates creativity!”

All are most welcome!   Noon, 2nd Saturday of every month. Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

“CCL’s  mission is to preserve a livable planet and to empower citizens….all… to build the political will for a sustainable climate.

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