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Coffee Hour

Hello St. John’s Friends,

A huge thank you to everyone who has pitched in to provide coffee hour for us so far this  year.  Going forward I would like to create a rotation for coffee hour and assign dates to everyone who can help out.  With enough people involved we should only have 1-2 slots between now and when we wrap up in May.   

Help is needed after both services.  About 8:45-10:15, then @11:15-12:30.  Most people choose to do both times, but if  you are only available for one or the other please be sure to let me know. For example choir and teachers usually like to do the later shift, but many 8am parishioners prefer to only do the early.  They can easily split a day! I know many have other commitments and we are happy to work around that. 

I am attaching a link to the sign up genius here.  If anyone wants to choose their owne dates please do so before  New Years.  After that I will be working up the rotation.  You can also email me with your availability if the sign up is not working for you.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you have about our Coffee Hour ministry!

Thank you,

Karen DiPace

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