Eagle’s Nest Meeting: Sunday, June 13 at 11:30AM

Greetings St. John’s,

I was recently reading the book, Canoeing the Mountains, by Tod Bolsinger. Throughout the book, Tod speaks of navigating unchartered territory in the church by using the experience of Lewis and Clarke’s exploration of the American West.  When Lewis and Clarke reached the Continental Divide, they expected to find a river that would allow them to paddle easily to the Pacific Ocean. What they saw instead were the Rocky Mountains. In that moment, Lewis and Clarke had to make a decision, do they turn back defeated or do they trade in their canoes for rock climbing gear?

In many ways, we are on a similar adventure as a community of faith. We aren’t the same people we were two years ago, the needs of our communities have shifted, and the call for building relationships in our neighborhoods have only grown louder. As we continue navigating the world we are being called to serve and the gifts we have to offer, I want to invite you into a conversation where we re-imagine/re-invent/re-discover the adventure of our Eagle’s Nest (afterschool) program.

Eagle’s Nest has been a staple in our neighborhood for nearly two decades. Serving dozens of 4th and 5th graders from Fulton Elementary School, every Wednesday afternoon, Eagle’s Nest has been a beacon of light to so many. Come explore with us how Eagle’s Nest might evolve. Join us as we consider how we can love on our neighborhood school this the coming year. We will meet in the Parish Hall this Sunday, June 13th at 11:30AM.

There’s no turning back for our community of faith, so join us as we look out at the horizon and the adventure that awaits…

I remain faithfully yours,





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