GoFundMe request for Pete Plaxa

In response to the request of Lauren Boyle Plaxa, the St. John’s vestry invites the parish to participate in the GoFundMe event described below for Pete Plaxa:

I’m reaching out today on behalf of Pete Plaxa, my father-in-law and a proud member of St. John’s Episcopal. When his body permitted it, he was a host of the coffee and fellowship hour after church services and a favorite voice of St. Peter during the Passion readings. He talks often of the church he loves so much.

Unfortunately, Pete has progressive multiple sclerosis (MS), is confined to a PowerChair, and can no longer leave his home without exceptional difficulty. His condition requires round-the-clock feeding, dressing, and bathing of four home caregivers, the cost of which was $3k a month in 2016. Pete’s MS has placed a profound financial burden on him, and despite still working full-time, he can no longer afford the care he needs, which is not covered by insurance  or any other grants for the disabled (that require a person to receive disability payments, from which Pete’s employment status disqualifies him).

We’ve started a GoFundMe to help with the cost of Pete’s caregivers.    www.GoFundMe.com/caregiversforpete.


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