Is the Church silent on climate deterioration?

Is the Church silent on climate deterioration? Hardly! The Church’s position is action!

The Church holds devastation of climate as a justice issue. It urges climate action – a moral responsibility, integral to faith- and science-informed stewardship of Creation.

Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, in an Anglican Theological Review article “The Episcopal Church and Climate Change” reported:

“… The General Convention of the Episcopal Church advocates for public policy to reduce climate-changing emissions. It encourages members of the Episcopal Church to urge Congress to enact legislation that places “stricter controls on the use of carbon-based fuels” and legislation that creates “incentives” for our nation to make the transition to safe, clean and renewable energy…”

I am part of a group, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, that presses on toward national and local environmental actions.

In our Parish Hall at St. John’s, every second Saturday afternoon, the Lancaster Chapter of this non-partisan Citizens’ Climate group (CCL) convenes to educate and plan action for the environment. The meetings? The gatherings as well as the work of this wide swath of folk are invariably encouraging and uplifting. Really!

This Saturday is the 2nd Saturday of February, which means you can acquaint yourself with us as we move into the Chapter’s 7th year of fighting for a stable climate so we can preserve a livable world. We’ve had some ups and downs. We’ve seen fire and we’ve seen rain. Right now we’re in another “unhealthy air day” here in Lancaster with a very high count of particulates (soot). This past week Lancaster has had some of the worst air quality in the nation. So, we have work to do as always.

What: Citizens’ Climate Lobby meeting
When: Sat. Feb 9, noon-2 p.m.
Where: St. John’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall

Bring a brown bag lunch if you wish. Or just bring a mug for hot coffee and tea.

We’ll be learning more about the breakthrough bi-partisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019, looking back on our 6 years, and looking ahead with strategies and goals, meeting our new intern from F&M and sharing some upcoming events.

Faith D’Urbano+

P.S. Would you please think about “What are the top 3 climate issues in our congressional district?” Then grab a seat in the Parish Hall between noon and 2 p.m. to simply listen in or share your thoughts.

Welcome! I hope you’ll come out on Feb. 9, or to any second Saturday meeting and other CCL events!

“For the good earth which God has given us, and for the wisdom and will to conserve it, let us pray… Lord have mercy.” (The Prayers of the People, Form I, BCP 384)


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    Sue Heilman says:

    And the LIPW free film this month on Friday, February 22nd at 7:00pm in our Parish Hall is an encouraging documentary on what folks around the world are doing about Climate Change. It’s called FROM PARIS TO PITTSBURGH.

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