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Music in the Courtyard

Hi Neighbors, 

I wanted to invite you all to another Music Friday concert in the Courtyard at St John’s. This month’s performer is Joel Makeci.  Joel is a Lancaster based Congolese-American singer/songwriter whose group the NGGBC Band has brought their African gospel, rumba and rock to all corners of the United States! Joel came to the US as a refugee and is proud that his music has brought joy and spirituality to audiences across the world, from Tanzanian refugee camps to Binns Park and Tellus360. Come see Joel with just a guitar and hear the power of his original music in an intimate setting.

I’ve booked Joel four of five times at different venues and he’s just an amazing singer and performer, whose story of surviving through upheaval in the Democratic Republic of Congo and coming to the US as a refugee is about as powerful as it gets. If you’re not busy, come on down to the Courtyard (A GREAT place to hear music) at 6:00pm this Friday! 

Thanks so much.  Here’s a little taste of his work:

Matt Johnson

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