Refugee Resettlement Ministry

Dear St. John’s,
Just a few short months ago, we watched our Afghani brothers and sisters flee from the deteriorating conditions in their homeland in search of safety. The humanitarian crisis continues today and we have an opportunity to help. If you are interested in being a part of the conversation of how we might serve this community please email me at In the coming weeks, we will be gathering to discuss what steps need to be taken and how we might, as a community of faith, respond to this crisis.
Our friends at St. Edward’s have already begun this important work and have undertaken the resettlement of an Afghan family comprised of husband, wife, and seven children. The husband is a doctor and will be employed on March 7 as a patient Care Aid at LGH. It is a good step as he works toward obtaining his credentials as a doctor in this country. The mother is a mid wife and taking ESL classes.
Their most immediate need is an automobile. If you know of an available automobile please notify St. Edwards at 717-898-6276.

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