Whom do you trust for the truth?

A reflection from Faith D’Urbano+

A summer evening – a Lancaster First Friday. I wander into a quiet gallery and encounter fraktur artist Lynn Sommer.

Fraktur is an elaborate Pennsylvania German folk art, its composition characteristically weaving calligraphy and images.

I am drawn to two walls of eye-level beauty. Each piece, Lynn Sommer says, has a story.

There is a typed explanation at each, telling the story of the why and where and who.  I read, and then dally even longer, reading as I might, the intricacies of the fraktur designs before me.

One piece – hands down – my favorite of all.

Framing colorful, fanciful illustration, its lettering reads:

But turn to the animals,
and let them teach you;
the birds of the air will tell you the truth.
Listen to the plants of the earth,
and learn from them;
let the fish of the sea become your teachers.
(Job 12:7-8)

“The birds of the air will tell you the truth.”

Three of four Princeton, Harvard, and UC Berkeley climate scientists – passionate about sharing what science says nature is telling them – will visit St. John’s this coming Saturday, August 10.

I spoke to one. He said this volunteer team who call themselves “Climate Up Close” will travel to talk with communities throughout the country.

Climate Up Close is non-political and policy-neutral. He said the team is committed to upholding Americans’ right to put climate questions directly to climate scientists, so all can reach their own conclusions based on facts.

Their trek begins here in Central PA!

If it is climate scientists who are best able to describe to us if, how, and why earth’s climate is changing, their visit offers us an unusually fortunate opportunity to ask questions of them.

They will tell us the truth.

Climate Up Close” panel discussion and questions
A Fact-Based, Non-Political Take on Climate

Saturday, August 10, 12 noon, in the Parish Hall.

The public has been invited.   All are welcome!
Bring questions.  Bring a bag lunch if desired.  Bring a neighbor!

For more information, go to www.climateupclose.org


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    Sue Heilman says:

    Thanks, Faith! I will be there with a friend. And Lynn Simmers was the person from Community Mennonite who invited St Johns to join them in creating a Peace School for all of our kids back in the day. What fun memories they are!

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